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Efficient tools and services to help clients and professional teams manage effective, inclusive stakeholder consultation.

Design Reviews

Organise reviews with a range of media and discuss and decide on improvements.
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Collect ideas or project requirements from client, end users or the wider team.
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Manage public or private consultations about planning or change proposals.
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Capture lessons learned from clients, end users and the project team.
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The Old Way

Arriving at a clear outcome that will please everyone is hard. Fragmented, ad-hoc, one-way consultations can exhaust project organisers and leave people feeling confused or like they've not been consulted properly.

The Confers Way

Confers helps you build confidence in project decisions using a more transparent and structured process of presenting to different groups, asking open questions, discussing solutions and recording a transparent outcome for record.

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Confers works with projects, start to finish, across:

Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Masterplanning & Place-making, Neighbourhood Planning, Transport Planning, Innovation, Research, Technology Development, Service Design, NPD, Co-Design, Business Transformation, Workspace Transformation, Policy Development, Business Strategy & Planning.


Over 100+ clients, 2000+ project activities and approved suppliers on G-Cloud 11 for UK.

Plans & support services to suit all project types, team and consultee numbers and budgets.

SSL encrypted project software, data back ups, GDPR  compliant.

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