For when your projects need buy-in

Confers is the project consultation platform for Built-Environment, Technology & Innovation, Change or Transformation projects.


What is Confers?

Confers is an online platform that helps you achieve buy-in from your clients and wider project stakeholders.  You can engage with simple presentations on anything where you need clear and timely input from others to help inform and record a decision. Confers enables publishing of branded project portals where your team can manage a variety of consultative activities,  appropriate to the stage of the project. Integrated into the project workflow, Confers offers an extended opportunity for stakeholders to consider proposals,  offer feedback and stay informed of overall progress.

How is this so different from other project collaboration software?

Most project collaboration or management tools help teams share their information in order to get work done efficiently. This kind of software focuses on productivity, supporting group chat and task management.
Confers focuses on engaging, explaining and consulting with busy but important groups of people usually found outside the team. It does this in order to manage the considerable project risk of not having consulted them, and creates an extended opportunity to capture the value of people's contributions and feedback.

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Used across the lifecycle of any project, Confers can improve your engagement with project clients, your team and your wider stakeholders. It makes it easy to exchange ideas, discuss and consult on proposals, review project progress record transparent decisions for future record and quality procedure compliance.

Who Confers?

Confers is used by all kinds of professionals running projects across Built Environment, Technology & Innovation,  across both Public or Private Sector. Customers include:

• Local Government
• Architecture and Design Firms
• Urban Design and Planning Firms
• Construction Firms
• Communications Agencies
• Business Transformation & Change Consultants
• Policy Development Teams


Who can you consult?

Confers supports public, semi-public and private activities by secure private invite. This means you can confer with any kind of project stakeholder across a wide range of project types, including with:

  • Clients
  • Customers
  • End Users
  • Client stakeholder representatives
  • Large Project Teams
  • Wider Staff
  • Suppliers
  • Residents
  • Local Communities

What kind of projects?

Confers supports any project where there is a need to present and discuss proposals, record feedback to and communicate progress to clients and wider stakeholder groups.

Project types include:

• Place-making and regeneration
• Architecture and design
• Construction
• Workspace transformation
• Technology development
• Digital transformation
• Business change
• Policy development


What kind of activities?

Each project supports a range of activity types to suit the stakeholder audience, the stage and the kind of outcome from the feedback.

Activity types include:

• User research and focus groups
• Strategy workshops and briefing
• Design reviews
• Client consultations
• Public consultations
• Progress reviews
• Handover training
• Post occupancy forums
• Project retrospectives

How does it work?

Project teams create a project portals in which they can create, publish and manage different consultation activities. Each activity goes through a 4 stage process, to enable preparation of a presentation and set the context, an open engagement period, a closed period for reviewing responses and an ability to conclude the activity by posting an ouctome. The organisers set the timeframe and rules of engagement for each consultation activity to suit the context or project type.

How do people engage?

Confers is a cloud based software and works on any modern browser on desktop and mobile.  Anyone with an invite or a link to a public project or to a semi public activity can engage within the timeframe specified. Consultees can look at slides, read and respond to questions. Responses can be open for all to see and reply to in a forum based activity, or activities can be set for just organisers to view responses. Anonymity can also be preserved with use of pseudonyms, or you can enable discussions where people take ownership of their contributions and feedback.

How do I buy?

You can purchase one off fixed price project licences for client projects, or an affordable subscription that matches your use.  A Confers project portal is useful for a variety of scales of projects, from very small projects with less than 10 people involved on a regular basis, to large public consultations with 1000s public stakeholders.

You get going, you can start with an online demo or free trial for a small group. We consult with you and offer the right plan depending upon what you need.

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