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Confers offers an efficient way to manage a variety of time based consultations with different stakeholders, organised for your project client, or for your collaborative practice.

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Project Based Applications

Manage end-to-end project consultations with your clients, end users, or local communities.


Strategic Briefing Workshops

Manage strategic briefing workshops and capture stakeholder feedback to inform a collaborative strategy.

  • Present plans and maps to discuss constraints
  • Crowdsource ideas and critical knowledge
  • Present and discuss building study visits

Client Briefing and Design Review 

Manage briefing workshops and design reviews to collaborate on the detailed brief and evolving designs.

  • Capture detailed user requirements
  • Reach hard to reach key stakeholders
  • Build a more holistic picture

End User Consultations

Manage time based consultations with client stakeholders and end users to 

  • Record and discuss building study visits
  • User requirements workshops
  • Stakeholder focus groups and town halls

Local Community Consultations

Stay in control with fully configurable online community consultations to complement your public exhibitions.

  • Present maps, images, and CGIs. 
  • Organise online follow ups to co-design workshops 
  • Report outcome and next steps

Virtual Construction Site Visits

Capture your construction site visits in 360 panorama images where you can pinpoint quality issues with the contractor, discuss progress with clerk of works or client.

  • Capture key issues from site. 
  • Discuss problems and suggest solutions
  • Build a full digital archive of the construction 

Post Occupancy Feedback

Capture valuable feedback of buildings in use using  interactive post occupancy feedback forums with end users.

  • Ask feedback questions inside 360 virtual tours 
  • Run parallel activities to segment user types
  • Identify successes and frustrations and any rectification actions

Internal Office Applications

Manage a range on collaborative activities to win work, improve design quality or promote the firm.

Collaborative Bid Workshops

An online workshop creates more time for the team to contribute winning ideas. Present and discuss:

  • Immersive 360 site-visits
  • Briefing documents
  • Final PDF Tender submissions

Design & Technical Design Review

Get organised on internal design review processes and generate reports feedback to meet quality procedures.

  • Meet ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 requirements
  • Share knowledge on design with the office 
  • Onboard and scale up the project team faster

Project Reviews & Retrospectives

Capture valuable team and client feedback on the project and process with collaborative time based retrospectives.

  • Meet ISO requirements on retrospective reviews
  • Manage unconscious bias (applying pseudonyms)
  • Share knowledge on design successes

Though Leadership & Client Education

Run virtual open days or Q and A sessions to engage an online audience.

  • Engage an online audience in design discussions
  • Share knowledge on design successes

Consultation and review applications throughout the project lifecycle

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Solve the project stakeholder engagement challenge

Busy people can't always attend when you'd like

In a fast paced, multiple-project environment, finding the time and space to engage your wider team, your clients and also reach their wider project stakeholders is always hard.  And lack of engagement fraught with risks.

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Lack of engagement leads to delays

Any delays in their feedback or decisions, due to either lack of client or wider project stakeholder engagement, will risk project progress, consolidated stage payments and will ultimately impact your resourcing plans and profitability. Can you afford to rely solely on traditional methods of engagement?

A digital means and record of decisions helps you manage risk

Confers increases the opportunities for client and client stakeholders to engage with the project within a fixed period via extended online meetings, reviews, workshops and consultations. 

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Save time and money for all parties

Confers offers a way to increase project engagement efficiency, maximise decision transparency, and manage the risks associated with poor client and project stakeholder engagement on any project, from inception to completion.

Benefits on digital consultation

More Control

  • Schedule deadlines
  • Set rules of engagement
  • Monitor engagement

Shared Efficiency

  • Discussions in one place
  • Final outcomes recorded
  • Reports auto generated

Ease of implementation

  • Nothing to download
  • GDPR compliant
  • Affordable, scales with use

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