Digitising Custom Build: join us on 15th September to discuss putting the customer first with smarter digital communications.

by Claire Hopkins on August 17, 2016
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In today’s world organisations have to dance to the beat of customers at every stage of the buying process. Putting the right capabilities in place to listen and respond to customer needs and expectations can be hard, complex and expensive. Over the last 18 months Stickyworld has been working with partner organisations to overcome this challenge for the UK’s growing custom build housing sector. The team has been developing and testing new tools, processes and platform capabilities as part of the Innovate UK funded Digitising Custom Build project.

As a culmination to this project, the National Custom and Self Build Association (NaCSBA) are hosting a free one day event on 15th September at the Building Centre in London. If you work in and around housing, and are interested in the Custom Build route, we'd love you to sign up here. This is an unmissable event for custom builders which will help you better understand how your organisation can embrace customer-centred digital innovation to scale for the future.   

You can also read more about the event and why our CEO Michael Kohn thinks digitising custom build is a good idea in Custom Build Strategy magazine.   

At the event there will be two half day debates covering the projects’ focus areas: one about planning, design and sales; the other looking at manufacturing, build and aftercare. Our aim is to encourage everyone to share experiences, discuss the challenges about simplifying the sector's route to home ownership, and find areas of agreement about how these might be overcome in a smarter way.  

We’ll demonstrate the new digital methods and technologies the project has developed to help buyers participate and custom builders better manage the planning and design, customisation and sales, onsite construction and the handover of custom houses.

You’ll be able to see first hand how Stickyworld’s cloud-based communications platform has been used to create improved customer communications, and how our capabilities to enable a more visually compelling presentation of interactive content can be deployed to support informed customer choice and participation throughout the custom build sales process. We will share a sneak preview of some of our beta trials, including a new way for property marketing and sales professionals to present and engage with customers in the sales process. We'll also show the Connected Home User Guide, developed on top of the Stickyworld platform in close collaboration with Axis Design Architects, as a model for making it really easy for the homeowner to better understand their property and manage it responsibly and sustainably. 

These capabilities also have massive scope in the wider building arena where there is a growing need to help multi-disciplinary teams capture data and points of view from the end user in a new way to improve the design, construction and handover of buildings.  

We hope you can attend the event. And we’d love to hear from you if you want to learn more about how we can help you build long-term customer participation and engagement in your housing or property development projects. Please get in touch. 

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