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by Claire Hopkins on May 24, 2017
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Stickyworld is now available on the UK Government Digital Marketplace under the G-Cloud 9 framework. This makes it even easier for public sector organisations to purchase Stickyworld subscriptions and meet their consultation and crowdsourcing needs, in a fully supported all-in-one solution.

Listed here under the 'Cloud software' lot, public sector buyers can now procure our specially designed G-PRO services, providing a cost effective, flexible and fully supported way to publish a range of participatory websites for different projects and change programmes, and to capture, evidence and act on the ideas and feedback of any stakeholder group, whether local communities, private stakeholders, or staff.

With the annual G-PRO service, customers can publish as many participatory websites as they want on their portal, and they have access to continuous consultancy and training from our team. This supports maximum success and use of the Stickyworld platform in multiple ways across the organisation, to capture more ideas and feedback from stakeholders for transparent, inclusive and informed decision-making.

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G-Cloud is a UK Government programme which aims to promote government adoption of cloud computing. The award means Stickyworld can offer its crowdsourcing and consultation platform to public sector organisations without the need to run a full tender process. They can use the platorm in many different ways for both public and private stakeholder engagement. It makes it easy to: 

Crowdsourcecollect and sort the ideas and suggestions of staff, stakeholders and citizens to brainstorm, capture user requirements, define briefs or innovate together.  

For example, set up a room to brainstorm cost-cutting ideas with staff, or to crowdsource risk assessments with a group of stakeholders.  

Consult on proposals presenting drawings, plans, maps and proposals inviting public or private stakeholder groups to comment and leave feedback.

For example, set up an online pre-planning consultation, a public transport consultation, or a placemaking forum with residents.    

Engage and educate stakeholdersusing interactive content to better explain projects, products or 360 environments and drive discussion, awareness and understanding. 

For example, set up a design review with project stakeholders, or a public virtual open day of one of your new buildings or to showcase a project.  

Michael Kohn, Stickyworld CEO, says "We are delighted to be awarded a place on the G-Cloud framework because it makes it even easier for our public sector customers to benefit from Stickyworld."    

"Our G-PRO service is a great way for organisations to capitalise on the flexibility of Stickyworld which makes it easy to publish countless websites to consult or engage communities and stakeholders in different ways. From online brainstorming with staff, to public forums for town centre regeneration, Stickyworld will help gather valuable ideas to inform decision-making across the organisation."    

For case studies covering how our public sector customers are using Stickyworld please visit our website here, and for different use cases see hereOur G-PRO service is available on the Digital Marketplace here. It is charged on a single, annual license fee which includes unlimited number of organisers and admin users, an unlimited number of rooms, 5000 contacts and in-built set up, training and a continuous support programme.

If you are interested in hearing more about G-PRO please get in touch with us on 

Or, contact us via this button to set up a free demonstratin where you can tell us what you have in mind, and we'll show you relevant case studies, and how the platform works in more detail.

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