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by Claire Hopkins on April 13, 2016
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Recently we were invited by the Future Cities Catapult to present at one of their lunch and learn sessions and share some stories about citizen engagement projects by customers using our platform. Little did we know that their thank you note would be in the form of this superb illustration, crafted by visual artist Juan Felipe Caro who works at the Catapult. We were thrilled as it synthesizes a lot of information about our technology, the process and value it offers in a really clever and creative rich picture. As the saying goes "A picture tells a thousand words".  

Juan Felipe Caro captures and highlights key points of Stickyworld's presentation. From the theory and communication principles which underpin our vision and values, to how to deploy the tools to create, manage, feedback and evidence stakeholder engagement activities for multiple purposes.  


So what are a few of the key takeaways of the presentation highlighted in the picture? 

  • Stickyworld has evolved over the last five years to answer a tough challenge - it's hard work, complicated and expensive to engage with lots of stakeholders and provide evidence of engagement, but there is a pressing need to do this especially in complex urban environments to ensure new plans involve citizens, have local relevance and sustainability.
  • It's not always transparent who the champions of engagement are for Smart cities projects but the requirement for meaningful, inclusive and collaborative engagement is clear.   
  • Stickyworld's key focus for any project organiser is to enable more active participation of the project's many stakeholders online, and to support a simple, effective communication process - from planning through implementation and feedback - which delivers measurable results. It enables clearer conversations using visual media, different engagement methods and contextual commenting. Data can be visualised and explained, and every stage of a project, regardless of scale and location, discussed. 
  • Towns and cities in the UK and internationally are using Stickyworld's platform for consultations, ideas 'labs' and gaining stakeholder feedback and engagement on new urban developments and service improvements. We showed what they are doing in Canterbury and in Tallinn in Estonia.  
  • And here are some more case studies if you want to read more. 

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