Walk this May in National Walking Month using Twitter and your own free Stickyworld.

by Lauren Herman on March 16, 2015
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May is National Walking Month in UK, organised by the charity Living Streets. All over the country people will be getting their walking shoes on, for Walk to Work week and Walk to School week. Not only is walking good for you, it's a way for you to take a little more notice of the place you live in and think about how it could be preserved or improved.


So if you're feeling energetic and you are interested in improving your neighbourhood, why not organise a walkabout  with Stickyworld and Twitter. We are offering free portals for a whole year for groups that wants to try out our walkabout method this May.  Read on to learn more and how you can become the local "digital walkabout expert" .

Organising walkabouts with Stickyworld and Twitter are a fun, interesting way to engage others in your neighbourhood. This is a method that our team have been developing over the last 12 months. We've tested it with two universities, and two community groups and have refined and polished the guidance to help more people do it.

It's totally free thanks to support from Nominet Trust for which we are very grateful, and we are told by organisers and participants alike this method is an easy and creative way to share knowledge, perspectives, and opinions on the world around you.

You don't need to organise a big group and take lots of time over doing it -  just four friends meeting in a pub can get you going with enough tweets for a small area. But if you do want to make a party of it, then we have lots of tips and guidance to offer you to make the walkabout run smoothly. Stickyworld portals for walkabouts are not only totally free, but our team here in Greenwich will support you remotely with tips tricks and guidance before, during and after your event. We will also help you promote the follow-on online discussion that might help you come up with projects and proposals to take forward into action.

Usually there's a large variety of different interests and topics worth tweeting across UK's different neighbourhoods. They are just out there ready to be discovered and discussed. But whatever you want to discuss in the tweets, a walkabout is a really great way to better understand an area, connect with friends and neighbours, and become fitter at the same time. If you missed my recent blog about the things we learned walking with the community at Crofton and Honour Park here it is. Also there is more general guidance about how walkabouts on Stickyworld work which you might be interested in.

So why not get a group of people together in your neighbourhood this May?  Whether you are engaging with your school, university club, artists network, community group or even foodies network - there are so many ways to explore your streets and tweet a photo location and hashtag to map them in your free Stickyworld portal. Twitter walkabouts on Stickyworld can help bring communities together and engage more people who otherwise don't engage with how your neighbourhood is planned and shaped. It is also a great way to listen to the views of other members of the public, and understand the opportunities for shaping the neighbourhood together.


If you think Twitter walkabouts are a great idea and/or you're taking part in National waking month, then we hope you will get in touch and choose to participate. It's effortless, and can be an easy way to socialise face to face as well as digitally. Also if you have an questions for me please leave them in the comments below.

Join us to Walk This May with Twitter and Stickyworld and request your own FREE organiser's pack.


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