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Our approach

What problem does Confers solve?
All projects rely on clear and timely stakeholder feedback. There are different kinds of feedback needed throughout any project lifecycle, and previously different softwares needed to manage this.

As projects increase in value and complexity, they affect a large numbers of stakeholders, often with competing interests. It becomes difficult to manage and evidence everyone's input, make good decisions that people can buy into, and ultimately feedback to everyone involved so they feel they've been properly consulted. We focus on solving this problem for project teams.
How does Confers solve this?
Confers software enables our customers to create project portals that are built around key collaborative time based events in the lifecycle of projects, such as focus groups, workshops and briefing sessions, design reviews, consultations or retrospectives. These are the key events where important decisions are either made or approved to enable progress, and records usually made in minutes. We've developed a process and built technology to help.
Does this work for face to face or remote teams?
Confers works in either face-to-face or remote settings. It can be used to present content, record discussion and outcomes and build an audit trail of key decisions from start to finish.
Is Confers a software or service?
We offer customers both. Sometimes, the teams who run the type and scale of projects that we support need more than software to get the kind of results that customers seek so we offer a range of services.
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Our software

Is the exported data portable among other apps?
Project portals each have their own privacy policy stating who or which organisation is the data controller. If we perform services for Clients than this is made clear on the project portal.
Can we use self service software?
Yes. All software subscriptions have remote support built into the project portal and access to our Help Centre.
Common Questions

Our services

What kind of service do you offer?
We help customers with a range of services, ranging from planning engagement and consultation for a project through to running retrospectives for them. We sometimes get involved in understanding problems with user research.
Do you offer training?
Yes we offer remote training or onsite workshops for larger teams of organisers.