Feedback Manager

A new self service plan for managing stakeholder feedback across small teams. Available in June 2019. Sign up for early access.

 Bougues Case Study


Record Ideas and Shape Requirements


  • Ideas Workshops
  • Requirements Workshops
  • Focus Groups


Review and Consult on Proposals

  • Progress Reviews
  • Design Reviews
  • Collaborative Risk Assessments
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Host Q&A Sessions on Completed Projects.

  • Video Handover Training
  • Interactive guides
  • Project Retrospectives


With nothing to download, Feedback Manager complements traditional project management tools and offers an effective way of communicating and managing feedback from wider stakeholders on time-critical projects with small to medium size teams.


Interactive Presentations

  • Quick and easy to create
  • More effective for explaining
  • Provides valuable reference

Feedback in Context

  • Exact points of view captured
  • Views shared by notifications 
  • Clearer conversations generated

Recorded Outcomes

  • Discussions in one place
  • Reports generated
  • Final outcomes recorded

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