Retail Developers

The Challenge for Retailer Developers

  • The physical environment of any retail asset is becoming increasingly important to help your retail tenants to compete with growing online sales.
  • For your new build projects, these take lot of time and money to design and build. You want to get it right first time and avoid costly retrofits.
  • For your existing assets, there is a need to maintain and improve the overall environment on an ongoing basis, and drive up performance.
  • Developing and maintaining great customer experiences across your portfolio requires ideas and feedback from many different stakeholders.

Involving everyone you need is challenging

Do you face the following problems?

  • Lack of time and space to get everyone together to discuss.
  • Need for clarity in presentations to capture more informed feedback.
  • Lots of opinions and data sources to consider.
  • Time wasted repeating what’s already been suggested.
  • Need to evidence timely decisions back to all stakeholders involved.

What if there was a easier way to manage all your stakeholder feedback across your organisation as you strategise, plan, design, develop, fit-out or improve your overall customer experiences across your retail assets?

To learn how Stickyworld can help retail developers involve different stakeholder groups throughout the retail asset design and development process, request a convenient online demo today. 

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