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Stickyworld is seeking a Senior Full stack Developer for a leading role with capability to become CTO, based in the vibrant TechHub in Moorgate, on a full-time basis. Remote working is also possible.

This is a very exciting role with the chance to break into new grounds in a revenue-generating B2B SaaS company, doubling MRR, with new products launching in 6 months for international commercial real estate customers.

If you are looking to secure a key role in an up and coming startup, with an opportunity to lead and own the development of an innovative product and leverage excellent technology, then this would be the role for you.

Required experience and skills:

Good command of Python, Django and Django Rest Framework or have worked with other backend languages and frameworks in the past before moving to Django.

Good knowledge of SQL databases (MySQL, PostGres)
Javascript and ideally React.js, Redux, Bootstrap, CSS but other js frameworks are ok.

Familiarity with Linux.

Ability to lead and mentor junior developers.

Ability to work with remote team, US, and India.

Good communication skills and natural leader.

SaaS and Enterprise software experience desirable.

Your Role:

Your role will be reporting to the CEO, and supported on a monthly basis by Senior Technical Advisers and Mentors.

You will be extending and maintaining the existing Stickyworld platform with new value adding features as we reach larger customers.

You will provide technical leadership and consultant on roadmap mapped to development costs, business value and fundraising strategy.

You will have the opportunity to work on cutting-edge research, for instance, you will have the opportunity to develop new micro-services in Django to extend the platform to support new media types such as 360 videos, VR, 3d models and more. This will include a lot of research into cutting edge technologies and 3rd party established service providers like Box, Google, Autodesk Forge, and other web content providers, building prototypes to demonstrate functionality.

In delivering new features for the platform, you will be collaborating with designers, engineers customer success, and influencing component designs, implementing them and checking browser and device compatibility. You will also be working with many people across the globe, so good remote working skills are needed. You will get to work with other developers, teach and pass on knowledge and learn over time about all aspects of the Stickyworld platform. You will also have the opportunity to lead teams and remote dev houses as part of feature delivery, this requires some up front planning and often explicit detail in describing tasks for remote teams to work on.

You’ll be working with a small team including CEO, designer/product manager, two remote engineers. You’ll be expected to take the technical lead, collaborate with remote engineers, and be supported by technical direction and mentoring from technical directors.

Your Responsibilities:

Taking a lead on the Stickyworld platform, new feature development, production issues fixing bugs and assigning tasks.

Participating in technical reviews with the product team identify technical solutions.

Developing new features, planning and time management.

Participating and organising meetings with other developers in the team, often remotely.

Ensuring code quality, running code reviews with the team including with remote devs.

Reviewing and learning about the platform and all aspects of the technology over time and passing on this knowledge to others and future members of the team.

Keeping up to date with latest web technologies and developer best practice. There will be time allocated for attending tech meetups and conferences

Our offer:

We offer a competitive salary in an emerging SaaS startup with opportunity to lead. We’re committed to continuing your learning and development and we offer a fund your attendance on courses and conferences.

Stickyworld operates a substantial options scheme, giving you the chance to share our growth and success.

Flexible and remote working is possible, and you’ll be expected to collaborate with engineers in our UK and Indian teams. You’ll also be expected to contribute to the company’s future direction and associate product roadmap, and we use our own product on a regular basis to consult and involve the team on new ideas and incorporation of latest technologies to help solve our customer’s problems.


Competitive salary to suit experience. Up to 2K technical learning and travel budget EMI share options Stakeholder Pension Remote working option for right candidates Technical mentoring and support programme from Senior Technical Non-exec directors. Friendly, open collaborative team, part of Global Techhub Community.

Send a CV to jobs@stickyworld.com

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Working at Stickyworld is fast paced, innovation focused and customer centred. We are headquarted in London UK, we work on all the popular cloud based technologies and employ the full range of disciplines that make B2B SaaS companies deliver ever more customer centred value.

Stickyworld Ltd is angel backed, we have ambitious growth plans, and are always keen to hear from talented inviduals who wish to join the team.

We generally do not hire via agencies.

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