Software Release

New Release v 1.34 overview

A summary of the new features in the next release of Confers - version 1.34

We've been working for almost a a year on a new release that adds a new layer of value to confers and getting ready to release in April.

The main focus has been on creating more value for all stakeholders in viewing the outcome post, and understanding the granular insights and decisions that have been made as a result of the discussion.

We will update the Help Centre with the full details in due course, but here is the high level summary of new features to expect:

1) Improved project information, with modules for team and project timelines

2) Granular conclusions. These are created by organisers adding them either at high level or from the individual discussion threads.

3) New organiser view - provides individual project organisers a separate view of all the activities they have been organisers, separate from the project members view.

All existing customers will get a notification of their portal upgrade dates which will always happen in a evening or over the weekend to minimise any disruption.