Visual, engaging & interactive


Support consultations with a visual interactive way to have a say which you can configure to suit your project context or stage.

Consultation software features

Architectural design development
Public or private consultations

Create parallel or sequential consultations for different stakeholder groups.
Masterplanning and place-making
Automate consultation timeframes

Schedule consultations to open and close automatically.
workplace transformation
Multi-media support

Create categories for responses to help you report results.
Collaborative Research
Full Response Visibility Controls

Choose who sees the responses, apply anonymity, pre or post moderation.
Response Categorisation

Create categories for responses you collect to help you understand results.
Technology Projects
Embedded Surveys

Use Confers in simple survey mode or embed your favourite survey tools.
Policy development
Engagement metrics

Full engagement metrics for the overall consultation or individual stakeholder.
Business change
Data Exports

Export data off Confers via CSV for further analysis.
Set up your Confers consultation for:

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