Secure, responsive and scalable

Consultation software for projects

Manage stakeholder involvement in your projects, explain project progress, capture feedback and record decisions.

Extend the opportunity for key people to contribute to the project.
Capture ideas.
Share knowledge.
Act on feedback.

Project Information Portal.
Secure cloud hosted portals for communicating your project internally or externally, and managing all stakeholder input in one place.
Multiple Time-limited 
Consultation Activity Formats.
Organise strategic briefing sessions, user requirements workshops and focus groups, design reviews, progress reviews, client and client stakeholder consultations, technical reviews, public consultations.
Full Admin Control.

Full user permissions, stakeholder group management and engagement metrics
The feedback has given us the deep insight and evidence we needed to devise a environment strategy that is relevant and impactful for our business.
Hannah Jewson, Environment Strategy Analyst
Northern Gas Networks
How it works

Each portal enables organisers to consult and connect with different stakeholders in project activities.
Process orientated

Each project activity progresses through four stage cycle towards a and outcome and set of conclusions.

Together the outcomes form a transparent audit trail of all key discussions and decisions which everyone can follow.

Activity Overview

Confers supports a process where organisers prepare, publish, engage, review and draw conclusions which are then published in a final outcome.

Activities can run in sequence or parallel with different groups.


Presentations and Questions.

Upload presentations, set timeframes, set rules of engagement and prepare invites.
Supported content includes images, PPTx, PDFs, Maps, Videos (Native and YouTube) and 360 panoramas, attached to questions to invite discussion.


Extended dicussions.

Host with stakeholders who subscribe to the activity, reply to their comments or questions.

Review responses and discussions.

Review engagement and responses, and conclude discussions.
Confers offers tools for recording different kinds of conclusions, including insights, recommendations, tasks and linking these back to discussions.

Build the record of all key project decisions

Communicate your key decisions, outcomes and next steps to everyone involved.
Organisers can record granular and contextual conclusions, insights, tasks.

Settings on projects and activities to suit context and type.

Grows with size of team, timescale and budget.

SSL encrypted software, Cyber Essentials.

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