For project clients, in-house or consultant project teams

Project Services

We offer project clients and consultant teams focused expertise in stakeholder engagement and feedback management.

Confers services are delivered to an agreed engagement framework, designed to capture value insights and make maximum impact on project outcomes.

We work with you to design a bespoke programme of services for a specific project, programme or as part of rolling organisational change initiatives.

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Engagement Strategy

Delivery design for project to maximise consultation and engagement value.
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Spatial Audits

Multi-stakeholder 360 ideas or feedback capture using virtual environments.
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Design and facilitation of blended workshops for face to face and online participation.
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Innovation Services

Expert support for Innovation  R&D, Co-design projects and business innovation management and programme design.
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Software Development

Bespoke features and apps on the Confers platform to solve business problems or meet specific workflows requirements.
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Consultative user research services to explore complex problems across projects, programmes or organisations.

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