Public Projects

Manage project workshops, focus groups and consultations with your customers, local communities or citizens on a dedicated public-facing portal.


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A dedicated Project Portal enables you to engage wider public stakeholders in your project through visual presentations which explain the context and capture more feedback.

Present and consult on a range of media from maps, videos, images, plans and  PDF documents and capture clear & timely feedback from any public stakeholder group. Embed in your website, send out email invites, or share via social media.


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Engage public stakeholders throughout the project lifecycle

Each portal enables you to publish multiple time-limited activities to suit the stage of your project.



Ideas & Co-design workshops

Build an evidence base for your project with public buy-in.

  • Ideas Workshops
  • Focus Groups
  • Locations Crowdsourcing


Public Consultations

Run visual, engaging consultations, inviting clear & timely feedback on a range of subjects and media types.

  • Service Redesign
  • Planning Consultations
  • Policy Consultations





Project Engagement forums

When projects are underway or complete, there is still engagement work to be done.

  • Considerate Constructor feedback
  • Q & A Forums
  • Real Estate Customer Engagement


With nothing to download, Stickyworld Public Portals represent an effective online engagement and feedback solution, complementing your face-to-face activities and increasing the opportunity for public stakeholders to engage and feedback on your plans and proposals.


Engaging Presentations

  • Quick and easy to create
  • More effective for explaining
  • Provides valuable reference

Feedback in Context

  • Exact points of view captured
  • Views shared by notifications 
  • Clearer conversations generated

Recorded Outcomes

  • Discussions in one place
  • Reports generated
  • Final outcomes recorded

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