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Release 1.17

by Chris McDonald on February 21, 2015
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From Monday, we will make an update to all Stickyworld accounts to run on our 1.17 release. There is nothing to do, you should see changes when you next visit your accounts. This release includes an improved design to the public portal page and improvements to the landing page for a room. We've also added a new 'people' page listing the organisers and participants who have joined your room. Read on for an overview of this release.

Improvements to the Public Portal

For those unfamiliar with the Public Portal, this page lists all your rooms which have been made public.  The new public portal page now adopts an improved design, with larger fonts and clearer call to actions. If you have previously uploaded a banner to your portal under account settings, this will now show up behind the portal purpose and call to action.

It also includes a new section how it works with some quick pointers for visitors landing on your portal. 


As in our last release, this portal page is mobile friendly as you can see in the video below (if you are using IE this video may not show for you).



Improving clarity of purpose in the landing page


The landing page is normally the first page your participants will see when they visit your room. In this respect it's important that any visitor understands the purpose of your participation project, what's it all about and what to do next - we've imaginitively called this the 'about' page in the menu header.  This release features an improved design for this page, we've introduced clearer call to actions to view slides and also include a large slide preview gallery that offers more visibility of the content to engage with to your participants.

Like the portal page, the room landing page features a section describing your organisation and the project organisers with the ability to contact them if needed, and a how it works section.



This also is mobile friendly as you can see from the video above.

Introducing the People Page


As you may have already noticed we've introduced another page in rooms for people. This page simply lists all people who have joined the room and indicates their participation in the room, including number of room visits, comments made and replies.

Organisers can click on each person and see a popup with additional information, with the ability to change their permissions and see which email alerts the person is subscribed to receive. Participants have no options to view additional information but it helps set the context of who else is engaged in discussions.


We have introduced these improvements based on observations and feedback from customers,  especially those working with public participation projects like consultations where more clarity of purpose is required. We hope you'll agree these design changes will help increase online participation in your projects. If you have any suggestions for future releases or have any comments or questions on this latest release, please comment below or use the Contact Support feature which you find in the header of your account.