Flexible, convenient and scalable


Confers enables a question-led approach to consulting on your projects & programmes throughout the process.

Prepare questions and multi-media presentations

Present the questions and media including images, powerpoints, PDFs, videos, maps and 360 panoramas, explaining the project context and the need for input or feedback to any consultee audience.

Control how you engage

Confers offers organisers unrivalled settings for automatic scheduling, response authorship, moderation, response categorisation and email notifications.

Review responses and report outcomes

Organiser tools help you assess responses, record granular conclusions, export the data and record outcomes.


Each portal enables organisers to consult and connect with different stakeholders in project activities.
Process orientated

Each project activity progresses through four stage cycle towards a and outcome and set of conclusions.

Activity outcomes form a transparent audit trail of all key discussions and decisions for everyone can follow.

Settings on projects and activities to suit context and type.

Solutions to grow with size of team, timescales and budget.

SSL encrypted software, Cyber Essentials.

Request a demonstration

Find out if Confers software will work for your project consultation.

Connect for a confidential, no commitment discussion on the possible.