For project clients, in-house or consultant project teams

Project Solutions

If you manage large value impactful projects where success relies on effective stakeholder involvement, we can help.

Confers Solutions are designed for supporting projects through face to face and online activities including:

Strategic Briefing Sessions, Ideas Workshops, Client Briefing, User Requirements Gathering, spatial 360 reviews, Design Reviews, Progress Reviews, Wider Consultations, Public Consultations, Technical Reviews, Project Handover Training, Project Retrospectives.

Architectural design development
Architecture & Interior Design

Design Review with client and end users throughout the entire Plan of Work.
Masterplanning and place-making
Masterplanning, Place-making & Co-design

Multi-stakeholder consultation & engagement with both public and private stakeholder groups.
workplace transformation
Worksplace transformation

Visual and spatial consultations with staff about the workplace.
Collaborative Research
Collaborative Research

For academic and/or industry collaborative teams needing review and dissemination solution for long term projects.
Innovation Projects

Projects supporting R&D, Co-design and Business Modelling.
Technology Projects
Technology Development

Visual and spatial consultations with staff about the workplace.
Policy development
Policy, Strategy & Planning

For business intelligence teams needing to consult different stakeholder groups
Business change
Business Change

Staff and Stakeholder consultation and engagement around proposed change.
Digital Transformation

A smarter way to bring your end users with you on the journey.
Soft landings projects
Construction Soft Landings

To support clients, contractors and their  their consultants managing soft landings processes.
Considerate constructors
Considerate Constructors

Construction site portals for consultation and communications to meet requirements of the CCS scheme
Lean construction
Lean Construction

Enable project reviews and retrospectives, capture lessons learned and discuss potential improvements

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