360 Virtual Open Days

Organize an educational and interactive 360 virtual open day of any place, environment or building interior.

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Engage and educate your visitor

A 360 Virtual Open Day offers you a more immersive way to involve your audience in discussing any place, environment or building interior. It works 24/7 in a browser providing a cost effective means of extending your reach and building customer relationships. 

Set up your virtual open day using 360 photography to explain the environment, with embedded Info notes and videos providing additional information. Contextual commenting enables you to host interactive Q&A right inside your tour and powerful reporting tools capture valuable insights.     

Enable immersive understanding    Twitter-walkabout-1

360 panoramic photography helps you explain the environment. You can use existing virtual tour photography, do your own photos or commission one of our professional services team. Videos of your staff, suppliers or processes can be located inside the tour, triggered from hotspots, and help put a human face to the content, attracting more questions or comments. Information hotspots enable educational content and can inform visitors of details.



Click to stick with wider border .pngCrowdsource Q&A 

It’s simple to invite different groups of people to visit your virtual tour. Organisers can post questions to the participants, or simply answer questions to capture a helpful Q&A discussion. To comment inside a virtual tour, participants just click to stick a comment and frame their exact point of view. When a new comment is made organizers receive an email alert highlighting the need for a response. 


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Evidence and results 

With a click of a button you can download a list of attendees and a repReports-3.pngort of visitor comments, analyse and evidence the success of your virtual tour in building new relationships. 


Additional support 

For customers who require additional support, we offer professional content services to leverage our expertise in building and launching 360 Virtual Open Days on the Stickyworld platform. We work with a wide range of creative partners to create professional content for our customers, including production of photography, CGIs and video which can be linked in your tour.

Read our case study about how the Design Museum set up a 360 Virtual Open Day when they were planning their new building in 2016 to gather feedback suggestions for exhibits and answer any questions. 


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