Building User Forums

Organize a building user forum to engage people in sharing knowledge and feedback about your facility or workspace.

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Build a shared understanding about a building's use and performance with your occupant community. 

A building user forum on Stickyworld will help you equip occupant users with a greater grasp of how best to use or manage their building, and help to drive down operational and energy costs, or increasing occupant happiness.

Building User Forums go beyond mere one-way information such as a guide. They enable a two way conversation. They are highly visual and interactive, and leverage multimedia, enriched with links to additional information, representing a more engaging way to explain a building, an interior and any of its features to the relevant stakeholders. Everyone involved with the use, maintenance, design, development, can be invited to the forum, and can share knowledge, ask questions and better understand how the environment works. 

Explain the building   2016_Case-Studies screen layout templates (1).jpg

360 panoramic photography helps you explain different aspects of the building. You can use existing virtual tour photography, do your own photos or commission one of our professional services team. Additional videos and 'Info notes' can be created to enrich this multimedia content and are embedded as hotlinks within the photography. They are used to pinpoint and explain specific details of the building in context, for example, the heating system or ventillation.    



Managing invitations V2.pngSimple invitations, clearer conversations 

It’s simple to invite different stakeholders and staff to explore the user guide and to leave any questions or comments. To comment inside a user guide, participants just click to stick a comment and frame their exact point of view. When a new comment is made organizers receive an email alert highlighting the need for a response. Everyone is able to see and learn from the discussion. 


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Everything in one place  

Single, filterable view .pngThe guide enables you to gather all the useful information about your building in one place, along with the Q and A. The discussion and your responses can be seen in a single, filterable view. It's also simple to download a list of the comments and feedback in a PDF or CSV file.


Additional support 

For customers who require additional support, we offer professional content services to leverage our expertise in building and launching Building User Guides on the Stickyworld platform. We work with a wide range of creative partners to create professional content for our customers, including production of photography, CGIs and video which can be linked in your guide.

Read our case study about how Avon Fire & Rescue set up an interactive Building User Guide to explain their Hick's Gate new fire station near Bristol, UK.  


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