Design Reviews

Organize secure, time-based design reviews, capture and act on feedback from different stakeholder groups.

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Consult, discuss, sort and evidence feedback    

When working on design projects or product development, there are many occasions you need to involve a wider group of colleagues to review visual material and capture their comments and feedback. A Design Review makes it easy to run effective client, team or inter-office design reviews to save time and money as well as accelerate progress towards a finalised design. 


Engage colleagues and stakeholders   Upload your designs.png

Set up for a private audience, choose your timeframe and create an invitation list to send out invites on room publishing. Choose and present the appropriate media to explain your design. Invite feedback and initiate a review of your project. You can send reminders and messages, montor engagement and thank participants before you close the review. 


Gather feedback  

It's quick andDesign review on Stickyworld easy for your team, client and stakeholders to leave text, photos, or links to the online resources to explain and illustrate their feedback. They can zoom in on the presented content to share an exact point of view and reply to comments. 


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Drive results and evidence      

Reports-3.pngIt's simple to search, analyse and evidence the comments and feedback about your next steps. You can download a report in a PDF or CSV file.





Read our case study about how Bornat Achitects undertook a Design Review of a refurbishment project for an overseas client. 


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