Place-making Forums

Organize a visual forum to help you engage local communities, stimulate more feedback and identify opportunities for change.

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Consult, collect, sort, evidence ideas about change 

A Place-making Forum is a cost effective way for you to extend your face-to-face and traditional forms of engagement so more people can contribute their ideas. It provides a transparent and inclusive approach for shaping places together with your community.   

Set up and configure your Place-making Forum to meet your exact needs. Use multimedia and maps to explain your proposals and Stickyworld's contextual commenting capabilities to engage people in discussion.  


Engage local stakeholders   

Community_place-making_forums.pngUse the editing tools to add a powerful engagement headline. Present photos, maps, videos and 360 virtual tours of your proposals for the local area and enrich the content with added links and information. Invite feedback, start discussions and grow a community of interest around your project.  



Participation timeframes.pngManage participation 

Promote the opportunity inviting people to take part and have their say. Moderation tools enable the topic of conversation to stay on track and participation timeframes can be automatically launched and closed to suit project or engagement timeframes.


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Feedback in one place    

Single, filterable view .png

Respond to and engage particpants when you need to. Send them messages and thank them for their participation.

You can see all your responses in a single, filterable view and it's simple to download a list of the ideas and feedback in a PDF or CSV file.


Read the following case studies:

Hexham Town Council, Northumberland County Council and charity Sustrans set up a Place-making forum to gather public opinion about Hexham Marketplace to shape improvement plans for the area.

Kent County Council used a Place-making forum to crowdsource ideas online to improve Sandwich town centre in Kent. 


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