Planning Consultations

Organize an online consultation about your planning proposals to capture, address and evidence people's feedback and comments.

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Consult, collect, sort and evidence people's feedback  

A Planning Consultation on Stickyworld is a cost effective way for you to engage with the local community about your plans. It enables you to be more informed about potential issues and reduces the risk of missing points of view.  

Set up your Planning Consultation organizing the time-frame and moderation rules to suit your objectives. Share multimedia and maps to explain your plans. Send messages and encourage feedback.


Engage your visitors  

hykeham.pngPresent photos, drawings, fly through movies, VR renders and maps to explain your plans. Enable people to understand and explore them using navigational arrows and hotspots which provide links to additional information. Participants can leave specific or general comments, or zoom in on content to provide an exact point of view.




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Manage awareness and participation 

Your Planning Consultation can be embedded in your website, highlighted via social media and complements and extends your face-to-face activities. It's simple to set moderation settings to suit your style of engagement. When people leave comments or questions you'll be sent an email alert so you're in control of what's happening.

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Report of everyone's feedback  

With a click of a button you can download a list of participants and download their comments. You can evidence and analyse the success of your consultation in raising comments and de-risking your plans.  




Read our case study about how Wandsworth Council launched a Planning Consultation for residents in Roehampton to discuss various transport planning issues in the area.


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