360 Virtual Site Visits

Organize a virtual site visit to collaborate with stakeholders who can't get to site, share knowledge or discuss ideas.

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Reduce the cost of sharing site knowledge

A 360 Virtual Site Visit offers you a more cost effective way to involve multiple project stakeholders and experts who need to understand and review site imagery or context. It works 24/7 in a browser providing a convenient, accessible means for project stakeholders to collaborate, including those people who can't easily make it to the site. 

Set up your 360 Virtual Site Visit using 360 panoramic photography augmented with links and information. Send private invitations to your stakeholders to participate. Encourage discussion, Q&A and knowlege sharing about your project. 


Explain the site    site_inspections.png

Set up for a private audience, choose your timeframe and create an invitation list to send out invites on room publishing. Share 360 panoramic photography to help you explain the site. You can use existing virtual tour photography, do your own photos or commission one of our professional services team. Videos explaining features or processes can be located inside the tour, triggered from hotspots, and information notes help add details.


Click to stick with wider border .pngCrowdsource Q&A 

Contextual commenting enables you to host interactive Q&A right inside your virtual site visit saving you time and money. To comment inside a virtual tour, participants just click to stick a comment and frame their exact point of view. When a new comment is made organizers receive an email alert highlighting the need for a response. 


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Reports-3.pngEvidence and results 

It's simple to search, analyse and evidence the comments, feedback and observations from your site visit. All reports, in either a PDF or CSV file, result in a paper-based audit of each inspection.  


Additional support 

For customers who require additional support, we offer professional content services to leverage our expertise in building and launching 360 Virtual Site Visits on the Stickyworld platform. We work with a wide range of creative partners to create professional content for our customers, including production of photography, CGIs and video which can be linked in your tour.


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