Twitter Walkabouts

Organize a simple, fun way to explore your local neighbourhood together, and map what your find in tweets.

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Engage, involve and have fun 

Walkabouts represent a fun and engaging way to involve people in exploring and learning about any local neighbourhood, combining Twitter and Stickyworld.


Build together     

A small group of just four people can build your Twitter Walkabout in under 2 hours. All you need is a meeting place, preferably with wifi, and a Stickyworld account. Everyone brings a mobile phone with the Twitter app installed, and together you decide on your hashtags before you set out on your walk together, stopping at interesting locations, tweeting with a photo and a location. When you return to base you can search for and publish the tweets in your Stickyworld account, and they will appear as links in the map.


Twitter-walkabout-1Capture the value  

As more people have smart phones in their pockets, there’s now an easy way to capture the value from organising a walkabout in an area, working with your walkabout participants. By asking them to tweet photos and their locations as they walk, you can map these tweets and photos in Stickyworld.


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Share the benefits with your community  Twitter walkabout with frame.png

Walkabouts are easy to organise and fun for everyone who takes part. Tweeted content mapped in Stickyworld remains online for participants to review and share with those who couldn’t make your event. In this way, everyone can benefit by engaging with your walkabout topics or project at a time to suit them. It's also easy for you to download a report of your engagement. 


“I think Twitter Walkabouts offer great potential for engaging more people in urban design and planning. Tweeting a picture of something you like, or would like to have fixed, is so easy, I think it will be possible to get a lot more people involved.” 
Dr Sara Jones, 
City University London
“This is such a fun way of getting to know a place! I highly recommend it to any Neighbourhood Forum who is trying to engage local residents in discussions about the possibilities and opportunities for positive change! It also provided a quick way of capturing perceptions of place in order to spark an informed debate”
Kay Pallaris, 
Hopcroft Neighbourhood Forum.

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