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Organize secure, time-based moderated forums to discuss any topic in the context of rich, interactive content.

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Consult, collect, sort, evidence ideas about any topic 

A Visual Forum is a cost effective and inclusive means of engaging your stakeholders in discussion about any topic using interactive media to encourage greater engagement. 

Set up a time-based, moderated Visual Forum for public discussion using multimedia to explain the topic and encourage greater participation. This can be shared via social media and embedded in your websites and blogs. Or, set up private Visual Forum inviting only specific groups of stakeholders to particiate. 

Choosing different media.pngEngage participants    

Deliver an interactive online slideshow about your topic using different media. Use the editing tools to add a powerful engagement headline. Ask specific engagement questions to invite responses and develop the discussion between participants. Moderation controls enable anonymous replies in cases of controversial topics. 


Visual forums as used at Wards Corner in HaringeyCrowdsource ideas  

It's quick and easy for people to leave text, photos, or links to the online slideshow to explain and illustrate their feedback. They can zoom in on the presented content to share an exact point of view, reply to comments, share, or like each others comments. Inappropriate comments can be flagged.


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Feedback in one place    

Single, filterable view .png

You can see all your responses in a single, filterable view and search for the most popular comments or ideas. It's simple to download a list of the ideas and feedback in a PDF or CSV file.



Read our case study about how Canterbury City Council set up a Visual Forum to crowdsource suggestions from local people on how the council could raise new funds to offset the impact of government cuts.


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