Better Decisions Together


The so called "future of work" is rapidly evolving.


There's an increase in remote working, an increase in project complexity and an increase in depth and breadth of professional expertise that needs to feed into projects. More people feel empowered to be involved and have a say in decisions affecting them, and business is increasingly aware of the need for customer and user-centric outcomes.


All of this is putting pressure on the existing behaviours, the project communication and collaboration tools available to progress projects successfully.

Existing methods like face to face meetings and workshops are too short to cover all the tops.


Communications technologies like video conferencing have just shifted co located meetings to the screen, and still require realtime attendance of participants.


Organisers of meetings struggle to find the time and space to bring everyone together and the ability to share decisions and outcomes from discussions in a transparent way that everyone can follow.


More agile communications technologies like instant messaging apps, whilst accelerating informal communications are not fit for purpose for quality assured decisions on large complex projects where you need more transparent and accessible records of decisions made and outcomes communicated to all stakeholders.


We see a key role for software explicitly designed to manage more formal, transparent discussions and decisions, extending the opportunity to engage in discussion and to feedback within a specified timeframe, leading to a golden thread of discussions and decisions throughout any project, and ultimately enabling better decisions together.


Our Mission


Our mission is to enable people to contribute efficiently towards transparent, shared decisions on their projects. 


Right now, we are working to improve everyday project engagement and feedback practice, focusing on transformational projects for built environment, business and technology. We're busy automating online, time-critical multi-stakeholder project activities such as strategic ideas workshops, consultations & design reviews, and post project retrospectives and end user feed back.


We’ve drawn upon 8+ years of R&D to develop a new scalable approach that works across any industry or project type. We see a current missing SaaS category in enterprise software, occupying the space between Social Collaboration & Surveys.


Our Values

We believe in working hard but smart. We work flexibly, remotely and globally. We put our current and future customers at the heart of all our conversations and decisions. We use Confers daily to engage and invite feedback when developing our product and services and consider the contributions of everyone these decisions may impact.